Event First Aid and Medical Cover

Event first aid is a crucial part of any event. Event organisers are required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure they have adequate provisions in place.

Our event services are currently suspended due to Covid-19.

We provide a fully supported event service. We have a dedicated in  event partner who volunteers as part of our amazing team. 

Our event partner has over fifteen years experience at managing and producing events of all shapes and sizes.

When accidents or illness occur at events, the skills of our medical personnel can prevent further harm and help save lives.

With ur dedicated partner we can provide support for your event in the planning stages right through to running things at your event.

We can help you to calculate the risk which requires an emergency response for your event. The aim is to ensure that you have legal compliance and clinical support to ensure that your event meets the required standard.

Our Event Safety partner can provide support and attend Safety Advisory Groups, provide the required information for your event safety manual.

Our experienced event team can help you assess the risk during the planning stage for your event to ensure you are safe and legal.

Our event medical and first aid teams are made up of :

We supply medical and first aid cover for any type event or activity:

Clinical event managers

First aiders

Community responders

Emergency care assistants

IHCD Ambulance Technicians



Nurse Practitioners 

Pre-hospital Doctors

A&E Ambulance 

Rapid response cars

4×4 response vehicles

Small community group events

Sporting clubs and stadiums

Runs and cycling events

Major public events

Music Festivals

Firework displays


Shopping centres

Boxing or fight nights




We provide free calculation of need and quotation.


Training and upskilling our clinical staff is critical for our service.

At Emergency Training School we are committed to developing skills and enhancing careers, after all training is in our blood.

We use the services we provide as part of our training programmes. When you book event cover with us you may be supplied with event crew or an ambulance that contains a trainee with a qualified mentor.

As a thank you to you for supporting our trainees and ambulance crews of the future you will automatically receive a discount for the service we provide, but don’t worry, you can always donate the discount back to our charity.

For more detailed information on our services please contact one of the team by emailing us our Sales Team.

For urgent or last minute events please give us a call: 0843 523 5000